Six Sexy Hairstyles Men Are Attracted To

hair men love
When picking an outfit and hairstyle for a hot date night, you want to look romantic while also feeling attractice. No matter what you end up wearing, your hair can always create the sexy factor the rest of your look is seeking. Glamour recently did a poll to find out which hairstyles and hair elements men find sexy, and we think you will be excited to find out which ones made the top of the list.
soft waves

Soft Waves
Naturally wavy girls—you are in luck! Waves are a great look that can instantly spice up any outfit they are paired with. Charles Hutton of New York City told Glamour “Wavy hair that’s soft and moves is sexy-perfect for running your fingers through.” Now we all know that running your fingers through waves is not the best idea, but knowing that men enjoy the idea is all that matters!


This is the easiest style ever for the natural bunch! Texture is appearing more frequently and as we all accept our natural hair, the men in our lives start to as well. Jesse Kasendorf of Madison, Wisconsin told Glamour “…curls are mysterious and unique. They imply spunk.” Girls with straight hair often say they wish they had some texture to their natural locks, so instead of conforming to what we have been told is beautiful for so long, take Jesse’s words to heart and let your curls run wild.



Curls and waves can be hard to keep shiny because our natural hair wants to be drier instead of moisturized. If you are rocking your shine then continue on to the next style. If you are having issues with shine, pay attention! It is now official, at least in Glamour, that men are attracted to shine, so why not do what we can to improve our shininess. If you are battling issues with dry and dull hair, take a look at this article that suggests 5 things that can help you fight your dull, dry hair.



In my opinion, this is the simplest yet most difficult style to achieve on this list. I, like so many curlies, are used to wanting our curls to look put together, and this style requires the exact opposite. You have to be OK with a little frizz and some fly-aways if you want to achieve this look, but according to men it is exactly what they find sexy. It makes your hair look effortless which screams low maintenance, another thing men happen to find attractive. Be bold with your second day hair and stay away from the idea of taming if you want to pull off this look.

major body

Major Body

Glamour says it best, “Volume is like a push-up bra for hair—it maximizes the good stuff.“ If you have a lot of hair and it’s thick, this style is much easier for you than for someone with very fine hair. If you are struggling with volume, try diffusing your hair upside down. This will pull the curl away from your scalp and give you lift all along the crown of your head.

curly bob

Curly Bob

Short is hot right now and Luca Sumberac of New Brunswick, N.J. says, “It’s the mark of a hip, confident girl.” Not every woman is comfortable with a short hairstyle so if you have the perfect face for a bob and the confidence to match, go for it! Going short is also a great way to get rid of any damaged ends you might have while still staying trendy. You can no longer use the excuse that men don’t dig short hair because it made the list.

2 responses to “Six Sexy Hairstyles Men Are Attracted To

  1. I hate ponytails (where the hair is pulled back tight on the forehead). I think they are the ugliest, most unnatural hairstyle I have ever seen. I think it just makes a girl look like she’s angry all the time. I would rather a woman be completely bald than have a ponytail.

    The only way to pull off a ponytail and still look good is to also have bangs. You need some hair that’s loose in the front. It makes you look more relaxed.

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